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  1. Ugo Serrano é um artista de designer conhecido por construir réplica de peças medievais. Caso queira uma réplica da espada, você pode encomendar a sua, desde que esteja disposto a vender a sua alma (ou pagar alguns milhares de dólares).
    Ugo Serrano is an artist and designer known for building replicas of medieval pieces. If you want a replica of the sword, you can order yours, provided you are willing to sell your soul (or pay a few thousand dollars).

  2. Hello!
    My name is Eugene Levin. I have contracted you regarding this sword via this website and facebook a few days ago but I haven’t received a response yet, so I figured I should contact you again (maybe I have written the wrong email address.) So, without further ado, I would like to purchase a replica if the sword. May I ask you to contact me regarding the price and time via the email I have provided.
    Thank you in advance,
    Eugene Levin

    • Just returned from Europe, I sent you a response, Thanks for the interest… I have to check first with the Creators of Infinity Blade to see if it is ok for me to make more copies or if it has to be handled through their company… Thanks again for the interest!

    • Hi! THat sword is an official one made for Chair entertainment owners of Infinity Blade… It was a bit more than that to make… 🙂

  3. I understand that it was a liscensed object created for the company. But if you can receive approval to make another one. Please let me know. My son and I are huge fans and would love to own one. He has been making his own out of Legos and carving them out of wood, etc. Please contact me to let me know if this product will be available for purchase.

    -Angel Romero
    (818) 612-8532

    • I’ve been in contact with Chair Entertainment, the creators of Infinity Blade we will be looking onto possible production of the blade replicas. I’m not sure how involved I will be, however there is interest on their part. I’ll post news as soon as I know anything. 🙂

  4. What program do you use for the designs? Also, how much would it cost to buy a custom sword from you?

    • Umm… I have “people” for that part of it I believe it’s just a 3d cad type program ( solid works???) Having a one off machined can be quite expensive as is ant custom project. It really depends on the project design, specifications and scope.

  5. Hi I am a cosplayer and was planning on making a worker of secrets cosplay would it be possible for you to tell me the dimensions of the sword so I could make a foam prop

  6. If you could get to me about a replica and if you got permission about this it would be great thanks.

  7. Since Chair games have moved on to new projects, with no proposed plan to continue the series, would you be able to provide a quote for such a marvelous piece?

  8. Hi,how much does this infinity blade sword cost convert to Singapore dollars? Does the prices depend on the length,size or weight?

  9. Hello, im interested in a replica of an infinity blade. if posible, the 3rd gen infinity blade. i wish to know how much would it cost so that i could buy one.

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